Five College Net Fiber Optic Network

Composed of up to 288 strands of single-mode fiber, the Five College Fiber Optic Network links customers in communities from Amherst, Northampton, Hadley, South Hadley, Granby, and Chicopee to the STCC Technology Park, a carrier-neutral facility in downtown Springfield, Massachusetts where our customers may choose from more than a dozen service providers.

Dark fiber offers a fast, secure, cost-effective alternative to traditional network models.  Five College Net customers are offered the flexibility of designing and building their own custom network with strands of dark fiber leased from Five College Net, giving them control over their own optics and carrying capacity.

Five College Net is made up of 53 route miles of SMF ITU-T G.652 compliant dark fiber capable of data transmissions of high speed and throughput. Our customers may adjust their own bandwidth by adding Layer 2 optical equipment onto the dark fiber infrastructure. Since our customers have direct connectivity through their private optical connectors, our customers are able to bypass the intermediary carriers.  Five College Net’s dark fiber is virtually free from outside interference, interception or interruption, giving our customers a secure network.

To learn more about the benefits of dark fiber networks and how Five College Net can help supplement your network needs, contact us for a quote on a dark fiber network.